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On the Right Track!

First I would like to thank everybody for the calls, texts, and messages encouraging me in the upcoming election. I’ll admit I do get discouraged when someone doesn’t see the value or accomplishments of my public service and decides to run against me for city council. The most frustrating part is not ever knowing why they choose to run against me. I do have the courage to ask repeatedly but there has never been a concrete answer besides, “we need new faces”.

Well I blame myself for not getting the word out about the Ideas, policy changes, and planning I have been responsible for. I will try to change that by highlighting the positive changes and ideas that I am very proud of over the last 8 years. No one person can do these things on their own. Our Adairsville Government is designed for consensus and team work. So a big part of getting things done is being able to present your ideas, and being willing to listen and adapt to other opinions in the room. Then working as a team to get things accomplished.

"We are on the Right Track, Let's not go back!" Early voting starts Oct. 25-29. Election day is November 2th!

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