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I am proud to have been part of the team that delivered for our city! 

Boys and Girls Club.jpg
Veterans Memorial.jpg
New Tennis Courts.jpg

These have all been accomplished!

8 years ago Lee Castro wrote these words as part of his campaign ads.


“ I want the people of Adairsville to know that if they vote for me,

I can be trusted to deliver.” 

In the margins of his original campaign notes Lee wrote some of his ideas for moving the city forward, such as:

  • Hire a new city Manager

  • Reboot the advisory boards

  • Have a visioning session with the community

  • Use Ideas from visioning sessions and council retreats to create 5, 10, 15, and 20 year plans and then work the plans

  • Update the city website to become a tool and resource for our citizens

  • New City Hall design.

  • Boost employee morale

  • Subdivision street ownership

  • Pave, Pave ,Pave

  • Sidewalk grants

  • Gateway Grants

  • New Boys and Girls Club

  • Management and reconstruction of old and poorly managed water and sewer system

  • Preservation and development of Historic District

  • Positive economic development

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