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Why I'm Invested in Adairsville!

Why do my signs say, “Invested in Adairsville”? Because when I moved here from Texas in 1999 all of my earthly possessions fit in a 5’X8’ U-Haul trailer. We were broke financially, spiritually, and had been kicked so far down that we didn’t have a lot of optimism for our future. But as soon as our feet touched the ground in Georgia, God began to shower us with opportunity. We rented a house at 108 Piedmont owned by a kind landlord named Jim Pinkard. Denise went to work as an accountant for Prestige Cable and I landed a computer job at the Weather Channel. We began helping with the Music and Youth at a new Church that met in the old Adairsville High School, and the blessings have never stopped. We built a business here even though people said it couldn’t be done because we believed in this town. If we couldn’t give financially we donated our time for local football, volleyball, baseball, softball, wrestling, drama, cheer-leading, the Chamber of Commerce, the Education Foundation, the Etowah Scholarship Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club. We have several businesses now and sponsor jobs in Adairsville, and recently bought an old home in the historic district to preserve and bring back its former glory. For the last eight years I have proudly represented you, and the city, and fought to secure us a better seat at the table of our county, state, and sister cities. I am in love with and Invested in Adairsville. "We are on the Right Track, Let's not go back!" Early voting starts Oct. 25-29. Election day is November 2th!

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