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Run For a Reason!

8 years ago when I first ran for office I believed the most pressing issue for our community was planning for our future. I knew economic growth was coming and I believed we needed a good solid road-map for the next ten years. My second priority was protecting our city from unmanaged growth and maintaining our small town look and feel.

8 years ago the Mayor and the Adairsville City Council had some very important decisions to make. They needed to hire a new city manager and approve and oversee the renovation of the new City Hall, while making sure that the structure enhanced and complimented our beautiful down town area. The Mayor and Council needed to update our “out of date” and “unenforceable” codes and restructure our zoning. Additionally, they had to decide how to handle the bad roads in our subdivisions and how to prevent builders from leaving us holding the bag for their poor work.

8 years ago, as a citizen, City Hall was closed to me. Many citizens of Adairsville were upset at the lack of transparency in city government and that their voices were not being heard. I found that city employee morale was extremely low and there were ethical problems the City was sweeping under the rug. I knew there would be no way for me to find real answers unless I had a seat at the table. I believed the Government of the city of Adairsville was funded by the citizens and serves the citizens, and should be open to the citizens of Adairsville.

8 years ago I asked the citizens of Adairsville to hold me accountable. I ask you to do it again. I am happy with the progress we have made as the Mayor and Council and I proudly stand behind our City Manager. I look forward to the next 4 years.

"We are on the Right Track, Let's not go back!" Early voting starts Oct. 25-29. Election day is November 2th!

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