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Candidate Q&A from 2013


Lee Castro



Proud business co-owner of Denise Castro CPA and Associates, LLC



Married 31 years to Denise Castro with 3 children and one child we have guardianship over.



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, as well as many Information Technology certifications.




Why did you decide to run for this particular race?


I love this city! I live here, I worship here, and my wife and I built our business here. All of my children attended or still attend our local schools. Because I am fully invested in Adairsville and the decisions made at City Hall affect so much of my life, I want to be a part of the decision making process.


If elected, what do you want to accomplish?


Above all, I want to help build “Unity in the Community”. There are many residents of Adairsville who are unhappy with our city government, but they are deeply divided about what the problems are and the root of those problems. In addition, some people don't understand some of the decisions being made while others feel they are simply not being heard. If our local government is "transparent", then why does our community feel like they don't know what is really going on?  Four years from now, I pray that we have less division and that our residents will feel more informed and confident about the direction our city is taking. I certainly can't do that by myself. However, I can champion the cause and work hard to collaborate with the current administration to make this vision a reality. Now that would be an accomplishment!


What is the most pressing issue facing Adairsville?


Planning for our future! Lately, I have heard from corporations and government officials that Bartow County is about to "Step Up".  That means that we are primed for economic growth and new business is coming our way. I believe the citizens of Adairsville deserve a good, solid roadmap of where we want to be in ten years.  We need to stop reacting to situations we find ourselves facing, and start being proactive about the types of industries, job opportunities, and infrastructure we want to attract.


Once in office, what will be your top priority?


My utmost priority will be protecting this city that I love so much. I believe that Adairsville is a jewel in Bartow County.  It is important to me that we retain our small town feel and our strong sense of community, but whether we like it or not, growth is coming and it is coming quickly.  I am confident that if we listen carefully to our citizens, plan diligently, and work hard, we will be able to stay in front of the economic wave. I would rather we, as a community, choose our future than having it chosen for us.


Why are you the best candidate for the position?


First of all, I am a fresh voice.  We have very little turn over in our city council, and incumbents are rarely challenged.  Many of our citizens have become frustrated and cynical about our city government, and this frustration and cynicism has resulted in decreased voter turnout.  I believe Adairsville needs and wants new faces, new ideas, and most importantly,  someone who will really listen.


Secondly, I have worked side by side with so many good people in this city as we strive to build a great place to live and work.  Those people have witnessed first hand my work ethic, my integrity, my perseverance, and my character.  I am not afraid to have the tough conversations or challenge the status quo.  I am a man of action.  I don't just see an issue and complain...I do something about it.


Finally, my years of experience in the corporate world and as a business owner have uniquely equipped me for this council position. Corporately, I have worked for several very large companies where my role was to architect and maintain the Information Technologies infrastructure.  Many of the projects I oversaw involved budgets that far exceeded the current $10 million city budget. I am very comfortable developing and maintaining large budgets, deciphering financial statements, and analyzing audit reports. I know the right questions to ask, and if there is a discrepancy, I am confident that I can find it.


I want the people of Adairsville to know that if they vote for me, I can be trusted to deliver.

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